We grew up with crypto.

How Far We've Come

Opened the 210k Fund

Launched Contango

Early Investors in Augur, Vechain, QTUM, Stellar, Filecoin, Perpetual Protocol, Radicle

Bitfinex Hack

Launched one of the first ICOs

First Western Crypto Company to Open Office in China

Bought Bitcoin Magazine from Vitalik Buterin

Started BTC Inc (then BTC Media)

Bought First Bitcoin for under $10!

Meet the Team

Our Mission

We make digital currencies accessible to anyone.

We invest our own capital and help others get strategic exposure to the industry to accelerate the transition to the global, digital economy of sound money. 

Our Strategy

Through experience we succeed.

At UTXO Management, we’re focused on identifying mis-priced investment opportunities in the rapidly developing, highly volatile, and widely misunderstood digital asset space. We understand the boom and bust cycles of this early-stage market and are focused on allocating capital with a disciplined, long-term, value-oriented approach.

We leverage our 24 years of combined experience investing in the Bitcoin markets allowing us to maximize exposure to this asset class while avoiding the regular 80%+ corrections through an analytical approach to blockchain data and market cycles.