The Bitcoin Ecosystem Fund

The world’s leading venture capital fund focused exclusively on the emerging Bitcoin ecosystem.

Our Vision

The UTXO Bitcoin Ecosystem Fund is a seed stage fund writing first equity checks into the startups pioneering the growth of this industry. We're on a mission to empower founders by investing in the infrastructure, technologies, and communities that enhance Bitcoin adoption. Given our focus on Bitcoin since 2013, we have unique access and insight into the category defining startups in this ecosystem from around the world. Join us in redefining the boundaries of Bitcoin's potential.

Our Portfolio

Our investment areas span the entire Bitcoin ecosystem, from consumer to institutional use cases. Focus areas and current portfolio companies include:

  • Bitcoin DeFi - Liquidium, ARCH Network
  • Custody - Anchorwatch
  • Lighning - IBEX, OpenNode
  • Infrastructure - OYL, OrdinalsBot
  • Consumer - Xverse, Satoshi Money
  • Bitcoin L2/Scalability - Botanix, Bison Labs

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Get In Touch

To submit a deal for consideration or learn more about investing, please get in touch through our contact page.