Expanding the UTXO Team

UTXO is excited to announce that Dylan LeClair, Director and Market Intelligence and Sam Rule, Director of Analytics are joining the team full-time! Both Dylan and Sam will be key to building out UTXO’s investment strategy and analytical capabilities bringing years of Bitcoin market research and experience to the table. 

Previously, both Dylan and Sam built out Bitcoin Magazine PRO, a premium Bitcoin market research service covering market dynamics across on-chain, macro, derivatives and mining through a data-driven approach. Dylan is one of the most well-known Bitcoin analysts in the industry and is also on the boards of multiple Bitcoin companies. Sam has been researching Bitcoin since 2017 and has years of experience across applying market research and data analytics. 

After just a few months of work, both have been able to implement their expertise of Bitcoin on-chain and derivatives data to drive decision making and enhance risk management practices in UTXO’s 210k hedge fund. 

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