210k Capital

The UTXO Management 210k Fund is an evergreen, liquid fund that focuses on asymmetric and yield opportunities in the Bitcoin ecosystem. The fund employs a number of discretionary and fundamental strategies, including:

  • Rare Satoshi Hunting - deploying a BTC balance sheet across multiple platforms to find and segregate valuable satoshis
  • Liquidity Provisioning - deploying BTC liquidity across different Bitcoin L2s, bridges, AMMs, and lending protocols to earn yield in native tokens
  • Derivatives - call overwriting and other options strategies to enhance yield or hedge market risk
  • Equities - taking opportunistic exposure to publicly traded Bitcoin companies (e.g. Bitcoin miners, exchanges)
  • DeFi Farming - being a Day 1 user of Bitcoin DeFi platforms and providing additional liquidity
  • Node Running - provisioning network nodes (and staking economic capital) to participate in the consensus or security mechanisms of various crypto networks or Bitcoin L2s.

To learn more about the 210k Capital Fund and if it could fit your investment objectives, please reach out.